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  • Andreas schrieb neuen Blog Beitrag: Formula E to use Qualcomm technologies in electric cars   vor 3 Jahren, 9 Monaten · Zeige

    By Leo Kelion Technology reporter Smartphone chipmaker Qualcomm has signed a sponsorship deal with the forthcoming Formula E championship. The FIA international motorsports body plans to launch the electric-car competition next year as an alternative to Formula 1. Qualcomm will provide wireless-charging and augmented-reality technology to help the teams taking part and the public watching the [...]

  • Andreas Mück schrieb neuen Blog Beitrag: Project e-GAP   vor 4 Jahren, 10 Monaten · Zeige

    As the alpine region is a very sensitive eco-system which needs eco-friendly and climate-friendly traffic patterns that have to meet the requirements of both visitors and residents in equal measure, the market town Garmisch-Partenkirchen has been chosen as Bavarian model community for electric mobility. Because of its location and structure, it is especially suitable for [...]

  • Andreas Mück schrieb neuen Blog Beitrag: High Performance Flexible Solid State Battery Developed   vor 4 Jahren, 10 Monaten · Zeige

    The technological advance of thin and light flexible display has encouraged the development of flexible batteries with a high power density and thermal stability. Although rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (LIB) have been regarded as a strong candidate for a high-performance flexible energy source, compliant electrodes for bendable LIBs are restricted to only a few materials (e.g., [...]

  • Andreas Mück schrieb neuen Blog Beitrag: New electric car will be on the road soon   vor 6 Jahren, 6 Monaten · Zeige

    VorschaubildA small German car maker did some research and development over the last year and put some new life into a classic car: the 2 CV. Running with modern LiFePo4 batterys, a powerful motor and some new european components it should be able to reach about 150 kilometers with a max. speed of 120 km/h. The [...]

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  • Andreas Mück schrieb neuen Blog Beitrag: Car Charging Station-Maker Coulomb Raises $15 Million to Expand Network   vor 6 Jahren, 9 Monaten · Zeige

    Coulomb Technologies, a leader in roadside charging stations and infrastructure, announced a $15 million third round of funding, which it will use to further develop its network of electric vehicle charging stations. The company has inked partnerships with Leviton and Siemens, which will add their electric vehicle (EV) equipment to Coulomb’s ChargePoint network. Coulomb’s charging [...]

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  • Andreas Mück schrieb neuen Blog Beitrag: Hyundai plant für 2012 Massenproduktion von Elektroautos   vor 6 Jahren, 9 Monaten · Zeige

    Seoul (Reuters) – Der größte südkoreanische Autohersteller Hyundai will 2012 in die Massenproduktion von Elektroautos einsteigen. In zwei Jahren würden sie 2500 Wagen herstellen, teilte der weltweit fünftgrößte Autobauer am Donnerstag mit. Bereits in diesem wie im kommenden Jahr wollten sie einige Wagen für die Regierung in Seoul fertigen. Es sei noch zu früh, zu [...]

  • Andreas Mück schrieb neuen Blog Beitrag: Batteries for Battery Powered Cars   vor 6 Jahren, 9 Monaten · Zeige

    ScienceDaily — It is not an easy task to compare the environmental effects of battery powered cars to those caused by conventionally fuelled automobiles. The degree to which manufacture, usage and disposal of the batteries used to store the necessary electrical energy are detrimental to the environment is not exactly known. Now, for the first [...]

  • Andreas Mück schrieb neuen Blog Beitrag: Neue Fahrzeugkonzepte – Fraunhofer System Research   vor 6 Jahren, 9 Monaten · Zeige

    Electric and hybrid vehicles will take over the cities: cars, bicycles, buses and streetcars. New concepts are needed for individual and local public transportation. In the large-scale project “Fraunhofer System Research on Electric-Powered Mobility,” researchers are developing solutions for mobility of the future. The first results have now been presented. Closing time: the passengers are [...]